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How to Use the Free Printable Invitation Maker

 First Choose Your Invitation Style
Click on the "Make Invitations" button on the left menu.  The All-Purpose category has a selection of designs that aren't occasion specific.  The other categories are Baby (which an be used for both baby showers and birth announcements), Birthday, and Theme Party (Cocktail Party, Housewarming Party, etc.). Once you've selected a design you will see the Invitation Maker loading.  When it has loaded, you will see three tabs across the top of the window.  Each tab allows you to modify a different aspect of your invitation.

 The "Edit Text" Tab

The first tab, "Edit Text", displays the text editing mode of the Invitation Maker. Here you can edit the default text by deleting or replacing the lines you wish to include for your event.  If you want to leave a line blank, click on the small box adjacent to the line of text and it will be cleared.  To change a line, click and drag your mouse across the text to select it and then replace it with the appropriate text for your event. Follow the format given for best results (the top text introduces the event, the large type above the image is the title of the event or the name's of the honoree(s), then date, time, and location.  The three small lines at the bottom can be used for special instructions or RSVP information.

 The "Colors / Font" Tab

Under the second tab, you can change the colors of your invitation.  Each design uses three colors.  First is the design accent color, second is the text and border color, last is a background.  The default setting has a white background, but you can add any color you choose - or if you'd like to save ink while printing leave the background white.  

Under this tab you can select one of six fonts for your design.  Click on the "Change Font" button to see the available fonts.  Click on any one to change your font.  The default font is "Font One" and you can reselect it at any time.

The "Create PDF" Tab

 Once you are happy with your customization of the invitation it's time to choose your PDF format.  You will not be able to generate a PDF until you select what format you want created.  You have three size options when creating your free printable PDF invitations.  The first two options are created to be printed on regular 8.5" x 11" paperr.  "4 cards per page" or quarter-page invitations print four to a sheet on letter paper.  "2 cards per page" or half-page invitations print two larger invitation cards on a standard letter page.  "Single card" formating creates one single 5" x 7" card.  This is the best option if you plan to email PDF invitations to some or all of your invitees as opposed to printing the invitations.  Or, for invitations that require no cutting, buy 5" x 7" photo or specialty paper and print single cards out.

Please check our FAQ / Help section if you are having trouble using the Invitation Maker.  If you don't find an answer to your question, please use the "Contact Us" link and let us know what the issue is so we can do our best to resolve it.