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We'd like to share some of the great feedback we've been getting here at Invitationland. We're glad to hear we are helping so many people make easy, colorful, and free printable invitations.  You can give us your feedback here .

"So glad to have found your site, I have been looking for an invitation site like this for years."

"Your site rocks!  Easily the best one on the market!"

"It was great...normally, invitations cost $ but this site was great and made beautiful cards."

"This was so easy to use. I do not do well with computers so I am always lost in trying new things."

"Wonderful - classiest looking printables I've found."

"This site was super helpful in my party planning and very economical.  Thank You!!"

"Loved using the site. Thank you for providing this service!"

"Can't wait for more selections.  I like that you don't have to sign up or pay.  Thank you!"

"Easy to print and the color was true!!!"

"I looked around forever before I found your site.  It's exactly what I was looking for, and it was easy to use!  Thanks!"

"I liked being able to open my invitation into a pdf file instead of downloading something else to my computer."

" I think your website is very helpful. I will be telling all my friends."

"This was incredibly easy to use.  I was very satisfied with the process and will use this in the future as well as referring others."

"This was a wonderful site, easy to understand and follow the instructions."

"This was great, a big help.  I'm not good with powerpoint or other graphics so this was perfect."

"What a fantastic site. It was easy to use and my three year old son had great fun playing with changing the colours. Suitably garish colour scheme was selected!"

"Finally found you! Great artwork, very easy to use! Will definitely reuse/recommend your site."

Thank you thank you thank you. I just needed a simple, free, printable invitation.  Your site was perfect."

"Your site was GREAT!! thank you so much! I had to plan a bridal shower in 2 1/2 weeks you made it easy. Thanks again."

"This is a great site.  I was searching all day for something like this!"

"Other than having some more designs to choose from, i thought you site was fantastic. Very quick and easy to use and the invites are a lot nicer (less tacky) than similar sites. Well done!"